The most important place in kilinochchi call ‘Harmony Center’ which facilitates as the central location for everyone to move freely with each other. It is a multifunctional institute having combination of activities in different arenas. For example, Harmony open theater, harmony children’s park, harmony reception hall, harmony badminton court and gymnasium, harmony mini zoo, harmony library and IT lab and so on. The main objective behind this, is to provide a platform towards harmonious living by all communities. They sing, they dance, they play and above all they truly enjoy the real freedom in here. One shouldn’t forget that almost everyone who is living here today had actually experienced the horrors of war for many years and need time to relieve from horrific ordeal they had been through during that time. The centre also houses different desks of multifaceted community development initiatives. They include different projects like Empowering women and children, Trade & finance, Development projects & employment, Farming, fisheries & livelihood development, Traffic control & road discipline, Community transport, Sports & entertainment, Health, Cultural & religious affairs, Communication & information and Education. The ‘Harmony Center’ surely helps for the purpose and making them feel better when spends time at leisure with their loved ones.


Build a resilient Sri Lankan nation by creating a harmonious living through Social, Ethnic,Cultural, and religious engagement.


To be the center for all communities to engage in ethnic, culture, religious, and social and linguistic harmonious deed in a free and independent environment to re-establish resilient  Sri Lankan nation by establishing North south bridge.


* Cultivate and promote the importance of harmony and reconciliation.

* Engage local communities in a manner that embraces their unique heritage to foster a collective and rich national identity.

* Add value to the individuals, social, economic, health and spiritual needs.

* To promote community initiatives towards harmonious living

* To enhance intercultural , inter ethnic, inter religious and interracial interactions.

* Develop language skills , sport and physical fitness meet challenges in the future.

* Provide rest and recuperation in a conducive environment.

* Provide assistance to communities in day to day complexities.

* To recreate and sustain a resilient community in new Kilinochchi.

* Promote harmony through community initiatives to reconcile the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans.

* Preserve the unique heritage of local communities and foster a collective national identity.

* Foster individuals,social,economic,health and spiritual needs focusing on youth and children.

* Enhance social harmony through intercultural, inter-ethnic, inter-religious interactions

* Assist individuals to cope in crisis and support communities challenged by complex emergencies.





The Harmony Center consists of the following facilities:


A Chidren’s park





Mini zoo



Harmony open theater




An auditorium/Reception

hall/Drama theater


Frenchman's Bay

Harmony library


IT lab1

Harmony IT lab




Harmony gymnasium




Harmony Badminton court






Translator desk

Public complaint desk